In 20xx we planted 15 fruit trees to make an orchard.


Bramley – probably the best known English cooking apple, in terms of flavour it ranks as one of the world’s great culinary apples

Discovery – Discovery is one of the most popular English early apples, it is a good apple tree for the garden, being fairly easy to grow. 

Katy – Katy is an attractive medium-sized apple, usually bright red in colour over a light green yellow background.  The flesh is a pale cream colour. Katy is usually a very juicy, and when fresh from the tree the juice goes everywhere as you bite into it. It is an especially good apple for juicing.

Keswick Codlin – Keswick Codlin is a popular garden variety of apple.  Its success rests on its excellent flavour, early in the season when there is not much else about and it is one of the more foolproof apple trees for the gardener, readily succeeding in damp climates with short growing seasons, and a reliable and usually heavy cropper.

Ribston Pippin – Also known as the Glory of York, this is the most famous variety from the English county of Yorkshire. Ribston Pippin is a strong-tasting ‘aromatic’ apple, very popular in Victorian times.  The flavour is at its best a month or so after picking. Ribston Pippin gets its name from Ribston Hall in Yorkshire

Spartan – Spartan is a small sweet apple, and a great favourite with children! Spartan is an excellent garden apple, being easy to grow, resistant to scab, fairly resistant to mildew, and it crops very reliably.


Hessle – The Hessle is an old English dessert variety of pear. The first information dates back to 1827, however it is thought to be much older. It originated from the village of Hessle near Hull, East Yorkshire. It is a small to medium sized fruit with round conical shape. Its smooth skin is greenish-yellow covered with brown dots. The flesh is white and juicy. Its flavour is quite sweet and mildly flavoured, though the Hessle is not meant to be eaten raw. It is a cooking pear, perfect for jams and cakes.


Czar – Czar is a large dark black/purple early-season plum. Dating back to the Victorian era, it became a popular garden plum in English gardens, being easy and reliable to grow. It is best eaten cooked but can be eaten raw if left to ripen long enough.

Opal – Opal is probably the best-flavoured early plum variety. The fruit is medium-sized, coloured dusky red, becoming blue when overripe.  The fruit is at its best just before the colour changes to blue.