Lets Get started on our Forest collage

Today in Forest school Miss Martin set the children a task to make Forest School Collage we will be making a Tree out of our materials in the woodlands

IMG_2036[1]Here is the¬†example made by Miss Martin ūüôā

Right Lets get started!!!

First we need to go into our woodlands and get some materials to make our Tree


We are preparing to collect some leafs using our woodland gloves

IMG_2016[1] IMG_2014[1]

Lets get started with our woodland Pictures


Nathan wanted to take a picture on the tablet of Miss Martin showing the forest schoolers how to start our woodland tree


Well done dillion your tree is coming along nicely


Good Job Nathan I could see you remembered to add your left you collect in our woodlands


Wonderful working together guys


Good concentration Leo on where to add your lefts to make your forest school tree collage

Leo and Dillion was proud of there Tree Collage

Looking good Boys

IMG_2034[1] IMG_2040[1]

IMG_2042[1]Our Forest school Tree Collage 

Another Friday .. Another Fun day at Forest School

Today we are learning how to use clippers 

In order to use our clippers properly when we are cutting twigs or logs in our woodlands we most know step by step the correct procedure.

IMG_1984[1]Step one : place one hand on the left handle and the other hand on the right handle

Step two: Now that both hands are on the handle using the palm of your hand push both handles inwards.


Finally: slowly pull both hands out of the center to start from the begging


Good team work


Good Listening samel you are holding the clipper correctly

Lets practice how to use our clippers reception  


Omari enjoyed learning how to use clippers today in Forest School


Good concentration Aayan when practicing how to use the clippers


well done you are using your clippers safely

Forest School Learners

Today we are doing something very exciting , we are learning how to peel using our material in the woodland. 


First Step : we need to sit with our knees together and have our safety glove on the hand holding the stick

Second Step : Place the your hand  and the stick on your knee for the stick to rest on


Third Step : Using your peeler place your thumb at the back of the peeler and curl your four fingers around it ready to peel.



Finally step:  Place your peeler at the top of your stick and begin to slowly peel down making sure your fingers our out of site.



Well Done Reception Forest Schoolers you worked very well using our new equipment  for the first time 

What Texture can you feel Fosters ..??

               Today in forest school we did a nature walk   looking especially  at trees and the many textures that can be given off when you feel different types of trees in our woodlands IMG_1641[1]

     The children found it helpful  to shut there eyes while feeling the trees texture.

       The Foster School Learners was  able to answer Miss Martin Question  which she asked on the Nature Walk :

” What can you see and feel when you touch the trees? ”¬†

¬†Dylan : “One was soft and one was tall “


Javen : ” the trees was a little bit hard “


Leo: ” one was spiky and one looked ¬†long


Nathan : ” Very Big “

Omari : ” Big Branches Miss Martin “


The Boys could not  believe how tall this tree was on a nature walk 

How to use our materials in the woodland

Today Miss Martin set reception Forest school explores  to work together to use materials/objects in our woodland to make a persom.


The children are searching for different leafs , stones anything that they can find to add to make there body.

As you can see Leo is starting to form the hair of  person that the group is creating out of objects from the woodlands


Omari has just come back from his search in the woodland

he said to his friend “Look I have found a leaf for a noise “

Well Done Omari


IMG_1553[1] IMG_1549[1]

As you can see the children have worked together using the pictures on the floor  as a guide to create a person using materials/objects from the woodland.

Well Done Boys , Good Work

In reflection Miss Martin and boys went through the different things we used to create our person


We are Worm Explorers ….!!

Today’s task in forest school was to use our woodlands to look for worm


We are now ready to start exploring our woodlands , as you can see we are using a spoon and bowl to collect a worm with our partners.



In our woodlands there are many different textures of mud which our worms could be living in , we are using our spoon to help digging into the mud to find the wiggly worms


Miss Martin taught us a new song to help us find the worms.

” Worms … Worms …¬†

Wake up! ¬†…Wake up!

Worms ¬†…. Worms ¬†We would like to meet you “

IMG_1705[1]  IMG_1706[1]

The children started to walk round the woodlands trying to wake the worms up ready to dig!

Well Done Guys Wonderful working together.!



we are having snack time now .. Its hard work being a worm explorer !!










Its Forest School Time for our New Reception Class…!!


The children in forest school our exploring our woodlands by feeling the different textures of tress in the woodland area.

IMG_2790[1] IMG_2792[1]

The children was set a task to work together  using Miss bells nature hut worksheet to explore around the woodland to find three different types of leafs .( Elder , Hazel , Beech)









” Look what I have found Miss”

Soma was excited that he was able to find one of the leafs listed on the nature hunt … Well Done

IMG_2798[1] IMG_2801[1]

Its SNACK TIME and Miss Martin is preparing to read a story to the children .. ” STICK MAN”




After the children listened to the story Miss Martin set them a task to go into the woodland and find a stick of there own … The children took it in turns to stand up and use there imaginations to say what there stick was.

IMG_2802[1] IMG_2803[1]“I am not a stick ….. I’m a witch ”

IMG_2804[1]¬† ¬† ¬†” I am not a stick ….. I’m a stick man


IMG_2805[1]” I’m not a stick….I’m a bunny turn this rabbit flobby ”


IMG_2806[1]” I’m not a stick …. I’m a Finger”


IMG_2808[1]¬†“I’m not a stick ….. I’m my mum”



Well done Reception for using your imagination to turn your stick into something magical