Lets Get started on our Forest collage

Today in Forest school Miss Martin set the children a task to make Forest School Collage we will be making a Tree out of our materials in the woodlands

IMG_2036[1]Here is the example made by Miss Martin 🙂

Right Lets get started!!!

First we need to go into our woodlands and get some materials to make our Tree


We are preparing to collect some leafs using our woodland gloves

IMG_2016[1] IMG_2014[1]

Lets get started with our woodland Pictures


Nathan wanted to take a picture on the tablet of Miss Martin showing the forest schoolers how to start our woodland tree


Well done dillion your tree is coming along nicely


Good Job Nathan I could see you remembered to add your left you collect in our woodlands


Wonderful working together guys


Good concentration Leo on where to add your lefts to make your forest school tree collage

Leo and Dillion was proud of there Tree Collage

Looking good Boys

IMG_2034[1] IMG_2040[1]

IMG_2042[1]Our Forest school Tree Collage 

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