Its Forest School Time for our New Reception Class…!!


The children in forest school our exploring our woodlands by feeling the different textures of tress in the woodland area.

IMG_2790[1] IMG_2792[1]

The children was set a task to work together  using Miss bells nature hut worksheet to explore around the woodland to find three different types of leafs .( Elder , Hazel , Beech)









” Look what I have found Miss”

Soma was excited that he was able to find one of the leafs listed on the nature hunt … Well Done

IMG_2798[1] IMG_2801[1]

Its SNACK TIME and Miss Martin is preparing to read a story to the children .. ” STICK MAN”




After the children listened to the story Miss Martin set them a task to go into the woodland and find a stick of there own … The children took it in turns to stand up and use there imaginations to say what there stick was.

IMG_2802[1] IMG_2803[1]“I am not a stick ….. I’m a witch ”

IMG_2804[1]     ” I am not a stick ….. I’m a stick man


IMG_2805[1]” I’m not a stick….I’m a bunny turn this rabbit flobby ”


IMG_2806[1]” I’m not a stick …. I’m a Finger”


IMG_2808[1] “I’m not a stick ….. I’m my mum”



Well done Reception for using your imagination to turn your stick into something magical


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