We are Worm Explorers ….!!

Today’s task in forest school was to use our woodlands to look for worm


We are now ready to start exploring our woodlands , as you can see we are using a spoon and bowl to collect a worm with our partners.



In our woodlands there are many different textures of mud which our worms could be living in , we are using our spoon to help digging into the mud to find the wiggly worms


Miss Martin taught us a new song to help us find the worms.

” Worms … Worms … 

Wake up!  …Wake up!

Worms  …. Worms  We would like to meet you “

IMG_1705[1]  IMG_1706[1]

The children started to walk round the woodlands trying to wake the worms up ready to dig!

Well Done Guys Wonderful working together.!



we are having snack time now .. Its hard work being a worm explorer !!










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