Animal Tracking

Moving on from our tree identification, we have started to think about why trees are so important. One crucial factor is that they support wildlife by providing food, shelter and habitats.

This week’s whole school challenge is to become super nature detectives and get animal tracking! Take a walk in your garden or local area and see if you can spot any animal tracks. Can you figure out who the tracks belong to? This tick sheet will help you.

The printable version can be found here

To extend your knowledge you could find out more about the animal you have identified. Do some research on the internet or from a book. You could produce a fact sheet, poster or PowerPoint presentation to record your findings.

Our Forest school groups have been thinking about ways to support the wildlife in our gardens or local woodland. A few weeks ago we made birdfeeders, below are some other ideas for birdfeeders that you can make at home.

You could also leave out shallow dishes of water for thirsty nocturnal visitors.

Another exciting way of helping wildlife is by building an animal habitat! Here are some ideas to help you:

A hedgehog home
A winter den
A frog pond
A bug hotel

We can’t wait to see what you get up to!
Please send your pictures or videos to

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