Monsters in the swamp

Monsters in the swamp (or frogs in the pond!)

On Thursday 25 February our pond errupted with activity! The frogs went crazy and left us loads of frog spawn. The lovely sunshine was warming the water and the frogs and so they started to mate and leave us the next generation of frogs. Frogs are amphibians and so they are cold blooded, they rely on the warming weather in spring to help them become active after the cold of the winter.

  • Find out what an amphibian is
  • What does it mean to be cold blooded? We are warm blooded – what does that mean about the way we live throughout the year compared with frogs?

I counted at least 40 frogs in our pond on Thursday, many of them will now move on to our neighbour’s pond which is more shaded than our pond and so takes longer to warm up.

The earliest date we have seen frogs laying frog spawn in our pond was 14th February – St Valentine’s Day!

7 thoughts on “Monsters in the swamp

  1. Thank you for the video Mr Magnall.
    What an unbelievable number of frogs!
    I hope you’ll share a 2nd video when your pond erupts again with baby frogs! 🐸 🐸 🐸

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