4K take on a biodiversity audit.. 🤔

There were a lot of puzzled looks when it was announced to 4K that they would be completing a biodiversity audit for their forest school activity! After some good discussion we got it figured out though, and could make a start with the help of our iPads and the ‘Seek’ app.

We can confidently feedback that our school grounds are absolutely bursting with biodiversity! Lots of badges were earned within the Seek app which made us very proud.

You could ask an adult if you can download Seek onto a device at home, and see how biodiverse your local area is? Let us know if you manage to earn some badges, send an email to forestschool@allertonceprimary.com. Happy Seeking!

Flick through the slideshow above to see some of our finds, and also an example from the Seek app.

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