The Little Red Hen

We have been reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ in 3YO Nursery and using actions to re-tell the story. The children were very excited when we went for a walk to the orchard to find the wheat that the hen had planted. As we walked we told the story using the actions we had learnt. When the children saw the wheat they were amazed at how tall it was. “It’s bigger than me.” One child said. The children loved measuring themselves against the wheat and exploring the different textures. We then helped the Little Red Hen cut the wheat like in the story before taking the wheat back to the class room to ‘grind the corn’ .

Well done 3YON.

The ultimate listening challenge

Last week in the pouring rain, Y4 road-tested our new outdoor classroom, where we played a variety of listening games.

This week we upped the challenge by setting them off in threes to navigate our willows woodland, blindfolded! The ultimate test of giving, receiving and following instructions.

We even tested Mrs Howard’s listening skills, who was very surprised to discover where we’d led her while she was blindfolded.

Great job Y4, be sure to put your new listening skills into practice back in the classroom!